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Beyond the Binary

The Genderqueer Community
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This community is for those of us who don't feel we fit the binary gender system in use by most of society. Ungendered, many gendered, a gender other than the one society thinks you should be? Do you express your gender(s) in nontraditional ways? You just might fit in here!

Family, friends, and significant others are welcome here as well.

Off-topic posts will be deleted. Please read all the rules through before posting or commenting.

The Rules

* TO JOIN: To join this community, please click the "Join" button on the info page.

* Our foremost rule is to be respectful to others, and yourself. Any disrespectful behavior, posting, or comments will result in banning. We take our safe space seriously, folks.

* Long entries must have an LJ-cut tag. Those without will be deleted if not edited in a timely fashion.

* As required by Livejournal, all icons used in this community must be at most at a PG-13/Teen rating (or whatever they call the equivalent in your area). We will delete your post or comment and ask you to repost with an appropriate icon if a moderator judges your icon too violent/sexual/vulgar to fit under a PG-13/teen rating.

* Very occasionally there is adult content (frank discussions of sexuality as it relates to gender identity, for example) in this community. All adult content in non-age-restricted communities is required by Livejournal to be behind a cut tag and be properly warned so that minors will be aware to avoid that content until they are of age. Neither of the mods are experts in what exactly constitutes "adult" content, so if we err on the side of caution and tell you to LJ-cut your post and add a warning, you are required to do so.

* Keep all chat terms, netspeak, and l337-speak to a low level. We have quite a few folks here for whom English is their second, third, or beyond language, so let's not make it harder for them. English is a difficult enough language to write/read anyway, so please check your spelling and grammar before posting. Also, the mods are not always aware of what a new internet term means and do not want to have to Google a word to find out if it's offensive or rude.

* Do not use html or rich-text to change the size, font, or color of the text in your posts or comments. It tends to mess up people's friends pages or just be generally unreadable - even if it looks good on your layout, it may be impossible to see on someone else's. If you do alter the size/color/font of your post or comment, we will delete it and ask you to repost.

* In the interest of keeping the drama level low, all "I'm taking my toys and going home" posts (i.e. "I'm leaving this community because of X, Y, or Z and/or you all suck") are banned, and will earn you a quick official ban so you can't return after you've settled down from your drama. Actually, all posts designed to generate drama are banned, with the definition of "drama" left up to the moderators.

* Picture-posts are highly discouraged. This means that any post that contains one or more pictures of you, your significant other(s), your gerbil, or whatever, are not considered "on-topic" for this community and may be deleted without notice. Just because you are genderqueer, that does not make a picture of you on-topic. If you have a picture you'd like to share with the community and feel it is relevant to some substantive discussion, you must email a moderator for permission before posting and we will get back to you as quickly as possible (generally within a day). Should you include a picture with your post, it is required to be behind a cut tag.

* Do not delete any comments to your posts. If you find something offensive, please email the moderators and let us deal with it. Deleting someone else's comments, if we manage to catch you, will result in banning.

* Do not under any circumstances post someone else's comments to this community without their explicit permission.

* Posts regarding ratings communities are not allowed, and neither are posts regarding any community not directly related to this one. If you want to promote your community, please check with the mods first before making your post.

Crossposting and Event Announcements

Cross Posts are allowed under these conditions: use an LJ cut after 25 words or three lines. Please have a good descriptive title. And you must say where you are cross-posting to.

Event Announcements: put the location (include the state/province/country! don't assume we know your local geography!) in the subject line, and LJ cut after 25 words or three lines. That way those in the area can find out about it, but those of us clear across the country/world don't have to scroll thru a long announcement to something we can't make it to.


Your friendly moderators are Alex (glenyan) and Sam (samfeasor).

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to email us at genderqueercomm @ gmail.com


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